Bauer RE-AKT Helmet


SKU: HMT-1812-0136


The Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmet is a high-end option from Bauer that features plenty of cutting edge protection technology. This helmet comes with Bauer’s innovative new suspended liner and advanced foams, which add another level of safety to the game.

Bauer’s Suspend-Tech liner moves independently from the interior liner. During an oblique hit (a hit from an angle), the suspended liner stays with the head, keeping the pads in place while the interior liner and shell rotate to absorb and deflect the impact. This process helps protect the brain from excessive movement that can be harmful.

To further help dissipate impact forces, Bauer included PORON XRD foam, a super light and pliable material that absorbs heavy force. Bauer uses PORON XRD in the Suspend-Tech liner and in two key side impact areas. The rest of the interior liner is constructed of a Vertex foam that offers enhanced impact properties at both high and low energy when compared. The Vertex foam is 20% lighter than EPP foam, but just as dense.

Bauer’s Occipital Lock 3.0 features slick, one-button adjustment, which makes dialing in your fit a breeze. The occipital lock uses a nice spongy foam to lock in the back of the head for a proper fit with maximum comfort.

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