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Welcome to HD Jerseys, the innovative supplier of sports apparel and merchandise.

HD Jerseys were founded in December 2016, after an incedible start to the HD, the development team looked to increase the services HD had to offer. We found that requests for personalised apparel, such as jerseys, base layers and tracksuits were in high demand, and the HD Jersey concept was born.

After building our specialist team, HD Jerseys opened for business. Within our first year of production, the Team at HD have produced and worked on a phenomenal amount of jerseys and personalised sports apparel. Our projects this year have ranged from Ice Hockey team playing jerseys, themed club jerseys (Christmas, Remembrance, Play Off), charity jerseys including the iconic “We Are Manchester” Jersey, the worldwide famous Hockey Tutorial commercial jerseys and a Swiss woman’s team, Reinach to name but a few.

HD Jerseys are proud to also offer other sporting apparel including special fitting items such as cycling shorts and vests, and with our dedicated seamstress, designers and subliminating processes on hand, nothing Is impossible, so please ask our sales team for more information.

Team colours, crest and sponsors are at the heart of every team, and every team wants to turn up for a game looking smart and professional. HD Jerseys can supply unique designed tracksuits in your team colours, include your team logo, sponsors logos and players identity numbers and initials, without escalating your embroidery costs.

HD Jerseys can offer the complete packages for teams with player apparel, gym kits, tracksuits and club merchandise. We know you will be impressed with the quality, price and most of all the service of Team HD.

To find out more information, or request a quote please contact us

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